Elisabeth Frost

"Arachne 0005" Dianne Kornberg and Elisabeth Frost (archival pigment print) © 2008 D Kornberg, all rights reserved.

"The Lore Which Nature Brings" Dianne Kornberg and Elisabeth Frost (archival pigment print) © 2009 D Kornberg, all rights reserved.


"Herein lies a tensile weave of word and image, of word as image. The centrifugal force of the word, the heart of a nest, filled with blue, the empty center from which we write the ineffable present."
–Lee Ann Brown

All of Us
“The persistence of bad dreams, the meaning of illness, the acquaintances and the distractions of apartment life, erotic attachment and filial attention energize [Frost’s] elegant poems. . . . Her people view the ordinary life course – birth, growth, health; parenthood, illness, death – with a tenacious combination of fear and devotion.”
–Publishers Weekly

A Theory of the Vowel
Poems from Red Glass Books, edited by Janet Kaplan.

Prose poems from Tout Court Editions, Mermaid Tenement Press, edited by Laura Hinton. With cover art by Dianne Kornberg.

The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry
“Informed and insightful, this fascinating study of a feminist avant-garde tradition in poetry of the last century is both important and, because experimental work is now dramatically reshaping poetry in English, timely.”
–Lynn Keller, professor of English, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Innovative Women Poets: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry and Interviews
“Frost and Hogue dish up an illuminating set of interviews – literary conversations – with fourteen poets. . . . Poetic, personal, and professional revelations abound in this anthology, framed by insightful introductions and well-chosen poems. This is a splendid book.”
–Vince Gotera, The North American Review

Selected Works

Selected text-image prints with artist Dianne Kornberg.
“A compulsively readable book”
–Alicia Ostriker
from Red Glass Books
“strange little poems written as stories written as poems” —rob mclennan
Literary Criticism
A historical and theoretical account of avant-garde women poets in America from the 1910s through the 1990s
Edited Anthology
“an exciting—thrilling, even—addition to the growing canon of scholarship on contemporary U.S. women’s poetry”
–Maria Damon, The American Book Review